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The aeroconcrete may act according to the material category, thequality,the equipment craft characteristic, uses the different craftto carry on the production. In the ordinary circumstances, thepulverized coal ash or the silicone sand, the gangue watering grindsto the thick liquid pulp,joins the pulverized lime, the gypsum andthe foaming agent after stirs pours into in the mold frame, afterconvalesces becomes spongy the solidification, cuts Cheng Gezhong thespecification artificial brick or the plate, has steams maintains thevehicle to send in steams and raised cauclrom in, maintains after the high temperaturehigh pressure vapor forms the light quality the concrete product. Theaeroconcrete product is one kind contains gel gelation gellingmaterial and so on the silicon, calcium, sulfur, aluminum is the mainraw material, the aeroconcrete has the heat preservation, themoisture-proof function, the weight is light and so on the merit.

Aeroconcrete Main handicraft equipment supporting schedule

Equipment name Specification and type Quantity
Mixer 4.2m3 1Platform
Stir a pouring truck 4.2m3 1Platform
Model frame 3.95m×1.25m 30
Model bottom 4.10m×1.44m 100
Steam supporting a car 3.00m×1.20m 50 Platform
Shan Beam  draws pair
of fast bridge crane pair
Q=5T 1 Platform
Shan Beam shorter leg drives Q=5T 1 Platform
Slings for lifting loads Special use 2
The column props up a pole Special use 200
steams and raised cauclrom φ2×21m 6
Fight against the dyadic hoister D250 1 Platform
Ball Mill  φ1200×4500mm 1 Platform
Steam boiler 8t/h 1.6mpa 1 Platform
Mobile hoist engine 3T 6 Platform
Cutterbar XJQ-A-4.2×1.2×0.6m 1 Platform
Aluminite powder mixer 0.04m3 1 Platform
Fight against the dyadic skip car Special use 1 Platform
Material is thick hoard a jar 20m3 2
Pulping jar 6m3 1
Material storehoust  60m3 2
crasher  250×400 1 Platform
Measure a jar 2m3 2
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